Everything a data center needs, and more

Petäjävesi meets all the requirements for a great data center location, with two potential locations available. Both locations have access to fibre connections to Germany and Russia, with direct connection to Asia being built. Currently the Asian connection is available through Russian network nodes. Our data center locations have access to our national power grid for cheap and reliable power.


Petäjävesi is located right in Central Finland and it is only 33 kilometres from Jyväskylä, a university city with plenty of tech professionals and graduates. Petäjävesi has great connections to national highways, railroad network and Jyväskylä Airport is located just 44 kilometres away.

Both potential locations are near Lake Jämsänvesi, for all your cooling needs. There is also an option to sell your waste heat to the local heating company. The facilities at the Sähkötie Lot are connected via Telia’s fibre, with options to expand from either Fingrid or Elisa.

For international connections, the C-LION1 and C-LION2 digital highways connect Finland to major network nodes in Europe, with new connection being built to Asia via the Arctic Connect -project. The Arctic Connect line, called Koillisväylä, is conveniently build right by Petäjävesi. For more details, see the connections map by Cinia.


Nearby University City of Jyväskylä has a strong base of professional workforce. University offers hundreds of master’s degree graduates in the fields of Cyber Security, Information Systems and Cognitive Computing.

Power grid

Both locations are connected to Finland’s national power grid, offering a stable and reliable power source for your data center.


Petäjävesi has two possible properties, located just under a kilometre away from Lake Jämsänvesi. Both have access to fast fibre connections, water source and benefit from our cool climate.

why finland

Finland is known as one of the safest data center locations in Europe. With cool climate, great and reliable power supply and fast international connections, it makes for a top location for a data center. It is the tech leader in the north, with highly trained engineers and as such it is home to the biggest data centers in the world.

Our energy is safe, green and cost efficient. We have one of the lowest C02 footprints in the world and our grid reliability is at 99,9%. Cool climate, clean air and water availability translate to savings in cooling costs. On top of all that, Finland has fibre connections to Russia, Nordics, Baltic states, Germany, Central Europe and US.

Stable economy, stable grid and excellent school system are few of the key reasons for choosing Finland. Our geological location is safe, without the risk of earthquakes or other natural disasters. We have a unique benefit of being able to use the excess heat from a data center in our city’s heating networks, enabling savings, additional profits and lowering the CO2 footprint.

Finland is home to leading IT security companies, the high-tech education and skills are one of the highest, but our employment costs are lower than in Central Europe. Company tax structure is below average within EU. Finland is the perfect gateway between West and East and closest landing point for Arctic sea cables being built.

Home of your data center

Petäjävesi offers everything your data center needs, from construction to operating. We have the connections, infrastructure and premium plots. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Arto Kummala, business manager